Curacao Cemeteries

Jeff Maass
6 May 2019 b

 Barber Cemetery Westpunt Cemetery Willibrordus Cemetery Soto Cemetery

Introduction and Statement of Purpose

I am interested in visiting and documenting by photographs the cemeteries on the island of Curacao, an island in the southern Caribbean.

I live in Ohio USA, and have traveled to Curacao on holiday twice a year since 2002. I am interested in cemeteries not from the vantage of genealogy, but based upon the history and art revealed there in the stones and crypts. My "process" is to locate and visit burial sites and cemeteries, photographing them as I wander through. I don not claim that my photo albums are complete or particularly organized. I have recently begun also photographing with a drone to provide a different perspective. For those that I have not yet visited, where possible, I have included a few photos taken by others.

I keep a spreadsheet with information and rumors on each cemetery and burial site. I have noted that many of the cemeteries (or their associated churches) do not have their names indicated. I have attempted to identify each known cemetery with a name that is descriptive. As the correct name is known, I'll make corrections. If you are able to help out with information or images of any of these cemeteries, or of funeral and burial practices on Curacao, please email me, and I will add your information and give you credit.

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There are many discussions of Curacao cemeteries on the web. Here is a page of miscellaneous links to other sites on the web.

To provide information, to offer assistance in accessing cemeteries or burial sites, or to ask questions, I can be reached by email at:

Individual Cemetery Photos and Information

For each cemetery or "candidate cemetery", I have attempted to provide a drone or Google Earth satellite image, the cemetery name, the location (GPS coordinates) and a contact person, and an image showing how the cemetery appeared on the Werbata topographical maps published between 1906 and 1910. For those cemeteries inside Willemstad, a second Werbata map segment may be shown from the separate city map.

If the cemetery has been photographed, the name will link to an album of available photos. Click to view.

Overview Image Cemetery Location & Contact Notes

Please be aware that I am not an authority on the cemeteries of Curacao, just an interested amateur. These are my current understandings, experiences, and research.

I welcome corrections or additional information!
Curacao Ascencion Shon Martin grave 
This is NOT my photo. Source unknown, will credit it if someone can point to the source!
Will replace with my own photo once visited!
'Shon Martin' Grave

(GPS: c.Ascencion)
Landhuis Ascencion
12deg 16' 22.48" N
69deg  3' 48.71" W
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

From NAAM: "At the entrance to the plantation of Ascencion also lies a grave. Here, a certain Shon Martin, the supervisor (“vito”) is believed to lie buried. His last wish was to be buried on his stomach, so that he could continue observing what would become of the plantation.

For years his cylinder grave could be seen here, but in the 1980s this grave was cleared with a bulldozer. The Navy who are operating this plantation house, have decided to rebuild the grave. As they did not know how the grave had been built exactly, they first made it into a rectangular grave. But after it had been pointed out how it should be, the Navy gave the grave its original shape."

Description (with other sites as well) in Papiamento:
Asiento in Isla Landhuis Asiento

(GPS: c.Asiento)
Willemstad / Blenheim
(Isla Refinery)
12deg  8'  1.667" N
68deg 55' 47.58" W

It is only accessible with special permission and security provisions.

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Small 3-grave cemetery on the grounds of the former Landhuis Asiento, now completely within the grounds of the refinery. It is only accessible with special permission and security provisions.

The cemetery is about 80 metres from the former location of the Landhuis. John Dohman visited and published an article with many photos at

From that site: "There is a small walled cemetery with three graves. The first grave is from Charles August count de Larrey, who died on August 13, 1832; the second grave is of his wife Petronella Elisabeth Cameron, who has died on October 22, 1845. It is not entirely clear who is in the third (cylinder) grave lies but there is an indication that there the mullatin Maria Gregoria, also called Peacock or Palmer, is buried."
Barber Cemetery  R.K.Begraafplaats Barber
Sint Jozefsdal Church

(GPS: c.Barber)
12deg 17' 22.95 N
 69deg 4' 23.20" W

+599 9-864-1798
The main enry to the cemetery is adjacent to the church parking lot on the West side.  There are service entries on the South side (on the main road) and on the East side.

During first visit, the cemetery gates were locked but the access road to the church was open, allowing photographing over the fence.

On the 2015 visit, all gates were locked. In visits in 2016, 2017, and 2018, all the gates and even and the driveway from the road to the church were locked.

I photographed with a drone in July 2018.

Beth Heim / Beit Hayim
(Old Jewish)

(1659 - ?)

(GPS: c.BethHeim)
Blenheim / Willemstad
(Isla Refinery)

12deg 7' 53.26" N
 68deg 56' 35.33" W

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Old Jewish cemetery, established in 1659 and with the earliest tombstone from 1668. This makes it the oldest Jewish cemetery in the New World.

There is much damage to the stones from the Isla refinery gas & particulate pollution, with little of the inscriptions remaining.

There is virtually unlimited info on the web about this cemetery.

Covered in detail with photos of many of the lost stone inscriptions in the book "Precious Stones: of the Jews of Curacao"  by I.S. Emmanuel, published in 1957.
Beth Heim Berge Altena (New Jewish) Beit Haim Berg Altena
Jewish Cemetery
(Originally "Ned. Port. Isr." and "Ned. Hero. Isr.")

 (GPS: c.BHBergAltena)
Willemstad  (Pietermaai)
12deg 6' 14.92" N
68deg 55' 12.51" W


This cemetery is still in use. it is located on Berg Altena & Kaya Gutierrez i Gerardinax.

Established in 1864, it was once two adjacent cemeteries divided by a wall, when Mikve Israel (Orthodox) and Emanuel (Reform) were independent from one another, though the wall was removed in 1961 in anticipation of their 1963 reconciliation.

Very impressive and expensive monuments: by far the most ornate cemetery seen on Curacao!
Santana Bethania

(GPS: c.Bethania)
Bonamweg at Brievengat
Near Festival Center
12deg 9' 7.32" N
68deg 53' 5.05" W

Telephone: (+5999) 462-8020
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site from inside the wall.

A very "upscale" cemetery in the cluster of four on Bonamweg in Brievengat.
Landhuis Bever Landhuis Bever

Oldest two graves on Curacao
(1697, 1698)

(GPS: c.Bever)
East Ring Road / Gaitu
12deg  7' 26.33"  N
68deg 54' 17.87" W

(Private Property)
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

This Landhuis was under restoration as of July 2015, and was not accessible when I learned of the graves located there.

There are 2 graves behind the house which are among the oldest on Curacao! The house and graves are from the Pietersz family.

From Curcao monuments web site: "At the west side of the house are two graves, at the height of the back gallery and shifted relative to each other. The foot ends are oriented to the east. The tombstones are made of blue stone.

Near the house is the oldest grave: [oval bas-relief with weaponry] / "Here lays buried / Jan Pietersz from Oxford / Cornet on Ruyterye / obiit 29. Febr: 1684. // With sijn Huys Female / JOHANNA MATTIAS / obiit 27 April 1698 ".

The second tomb is located northwest of the first. It also has an oval bas-relief with weaponry, "Here lays buried / THOMAS Pietersz. / Cornet on Ruyterye. / Obiit 3 Feb: 1697. "
Birgen-Carmen Cemetery La Birgen del Carmen
Roman Catholic Cemetery

(GPS: c.BirgenCarmen)
Groot Kwartier / Weis
12deg 8' 42.64" N
 68deg 54' 43.83" W

Telephone: +599 9-737-4467

Adjacent to La Birgen del Carmen Roman Catholic Church on Montezumaweg.

There is an unlocked gate on church side of the walled cemetery.

The cemetery is surrounded by tall walls topped by shards of jagged glass! Walls or fencings around cemetries are required by law. (Art.16 lid 1 Begrafenisverordening: 'Elke begraafplaats wordt door een muur, heining, rasterwerk of heg ter hoogte van ten minste twee Meter afgesloten.')"
Bottilier Morada Santa - Bottilier

(GPS: c.Bottelier)
12deg  6' 6.48" N
68deg 53' 0.72" W
A modern upscale non-denominational cemetery, still in use.

Reportedly, several prominent authors in the Papiamentu language are buried here.There is a large memorial to 'Doktoor Moises Frumencio da Costa Gomez (1907-1966)', with crypte, large bust, and panels, all on a raised platform.

Very "upscale", with much marble in the crypts. Many graves bearing chinese characters and names, and many graves with Papiamentu text. The earliest burials noted were mid-1970s.

Striking is the number of trees present and many benches provided for the comfort of visitors. Has a chapel inside the gates with crypts mounted along length and width of each of the longest walls. Not easy to find, it is not on a main road, and access is via dirt road running next to strip mall, or via a dirt road accessible from adjacent residential area.
Parke el Consolidor

(GPS: c.Consolidor)
Bonamweg at Brievengat
Near Festival Center
12deg 9' 7.38" N
68deg 53' 2.64" W

Agencia Funeraria `El Consolador`
Telephone: (+5999) 462-3800

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site from inside the wall.

A very "upscale" cemetery in the cluster of four on Bonamweg in Brievengat. There is a large indoor mausoleum.
Crefonia Cermatorium Crefonia Crematorium

(GPS: c.Crefonia)
Kaya Willfred Pieters at Brievengat NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Crefonia is a crematorium, located near the cluster of four cemeteries on Bonamweg in Brievengat.
deWindt Family Cemetery deWindt Family
Waterloo / Sun Valley

(GPS: c.deWindt)
Near Entrance of Sun Valley
12deg  9' 29.69"  N
68deg 54' 19.408" W
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

This is a family cemetery of the owners of Landhuis Noordkant. Fron Google Street View, this is a small cemetery in a short green wall.

From John Dohman on Facebook, 2/25/2018:" it is near the entrance of Sun Valley; on the Gosieweg there is a petshop called Aquarian (blue building); opposite of the shop there is a road going to Sun Valley; when you follow that road you will see the cemetery at the left side of the road.

Werbata Candidate 11 Fontain-Sumbu

(GPS: c.Fontein)
Inside Villapark Fontain
12deg 15' 4.457" N
69deg 3' 41.825" W

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

From Thijs van Uijtregt 170417 on behalf of Stichting Uniek Curacao.

 "Little is known and documented about the grave, so I cannot answer all your questions, but this is what I know:The grave is in very poor condition and needed to be restored. It is not with certainty to say who is in the grave, but the probability that it was one of the owners of the former plantation is greatest.

The plain where the grave is located was farmland in colonial times. This area was also the last battlefield of the Curaçao Slave Revolt of 1795. After this battle there are several insurgents executed in the area. The area is easily accessible on foot, and from Villapark Fontein it is about 900 meters (follow the yellow bricks).The enclosure shows a picture of the grave, maybe this can tell you more. (Single photo of very-deteriorated grave provided: in file).

I hope I have answered all your questions. If you would like to know more of the grave, I refer you to François van der Hoeven ( François has done a lot of research in the area and you can probably tell you more."
GGD Cemetery GGD:
Cemetery of Sisters at Zaquito

(GPS: c.GGD)
Mundo Nobo
12deg 6' 49.36" N
68deg 57' 21.40"
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Past the Coromoto Church in Mundu Nobo. At back of property at Piscaderaweg 49, GGD (Geneeskundage en Gezondheidsdienst - 'Medical and Health Services)

'Begraafplaats van Zusters bij Zaquito' - 'Cemetery of Sisters at Zaquito'. It appears that there was a leper hospital at this site (known to be active in 1946), and the graves appear to be the religeous sisters who gave care.

Not known if any patients were also buried at this site. [NOTE: An early hospital for lepers was established in the 1770s, although not at this site.]
Landhuis Groot Kwartier Groot Kwartier

(GPS: c.GrootKwartier)
Groot Kwartierweg 18
12deg  7' 48.36" N
68deg 54' 26.04" W
There is one grave in front of Landhuis Groot Kwartier, which is now owned by Trustmore, which uses it as an office building. 

Unfortunately, at the time I photographed in July 2016, someone had hit the chain and supports surrounding the grave, and have knocked down those close to the driveway. No damage was done to the grave itself.

The inscription reads: "The grave of Cortland Lewis Parker, Born 15 June 1781 at Shipley - New Jersey - U.S., Died 12 February 1826.

There is reported a second inscription (cenotaph?), but it is not visible. It is reported as: "In Memory of Pieter Washington van Steenberchg, Who Departed This Life March 12, 1808, Aged Seventeen Months and five days."
Landhuis Hato, Evertsz Family Cemetery Landhuis Hato
Evertsz Family Cemetery

(Early 19th Century)

(GPS: c.Hato)
Hato, East of Airport
12deg 10' 53.64" N
68deg 56' 56.52" W

Contact: Curacao Winery
599 9-512-3542
When I visited and photographed in 2015, Curacao Airport Holding (CAH) had renovated Landhuis Hato, and it was being used as  Curacao Winery. The site includes small walled cemetery with 7 graves from the early 1800s.

[NOTE: As of 2017, the Winery is no longer leasing the site. Access to the cemetery is uncertain.]

Located East of airport, 50 meters North of the airport road. The crypts were located next to the vinyard (or, where it was), and is a ~1/2-mile walk from the Landhuis building.

Five of the graves are of the half-cylinder type, two are rectangular and are of the Evertsz family. One of the graves is long-ago collapsed. Included is Cornelius Gerardus Evertsz, who was killed defending during the attack by the English January 1, 1807.
Jandoret Cemetery Jandoret Catholic

(GPS: c.Jandoret)
Sint Michiel - Weg Naar Bullenbaai
12deg  8' 57.78" N
68deg 58' 36.93" W
This Catholic cemetery is in the central part of the island on Weg Naar Bullenbaai.

This is a modern cemetery still in use, and with plenty of room for expansion. The gate was latched but not locked when visited.
Janwe Janwe Catholic

(GPS: c.Janwe)
Santa Rosa - Seru Loraweg at Janwestraat
12deg  6' 34.67" N
68deg 53' 43.93" W
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

This is a large catholic cemetery, adjacent to an impressive church at Seru Loraweg and Nieu Caracasbaaiweg.

There is a gate on the SW side of the cemetery that appears to be open from 8 AM to 6 PM, according to sign painted on pillar at the gate. Gate was unlocked when seen. it has been reported that this is actually two adjacent cemeteries, one older and one added-on.
Santana Kolebra Berde (National Monument) Santana Kolebra Berde
(National Monument)

(GPS: c.Kolebra)
Kas Chikitu
12deg 7.817' N
68deg 57.217' W
National monument, with mass grave of 15 Chinese sailors working for Shell Oil who were shot during demonstrations 20 April 1942. They were protesting the dangerous conditions of their service on merchant ships. They were buried in this cemetery, which was unconsecrated and generally used for prostitutes and criminals ("...a profane field where vagrants, prostitutes, stillborn children and other nations buried.")

The cemetery/monument is reportedly often closed (locked). Restored and consecrated in 2003.
Maria Magdealena Santana Berg Altena
Roman Catholic Cemetery

(GPS: c.MariaMag)
Willemstad (Pietermaai)
12deg 6' 13.85" N
68deg 55' 1.64" W

Tel. 599-9-515-1731
Tel. 599-9-560-6426
Tel. 599-9-671-0589

On Berg Altena/Riouwstraat South of Kamina Salina, a bit East of the Jewish Beit Heim Berg Altena cemetery.
Masonic Cemetery Masonic Cemetery

(GPS: c.Masonic)
Otrabanda / Willemstad (Roodeweg)
12deg 6' 42.67" N
 68deg 56' 36.00" W


NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Located adjacent to Protestant cemetery on Roodeweg.
Militaire Begraafplaats

(GPS: c.Militaire)
Otrabanda, Willemstad (Roodeweg)
12deg 6' 48.39" N
68deg 56' 49.87 W

Contact: Allan van der Ree,
Cell 561-6383

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Photos of the restoration of this cemetery are available at

A good-quality video exploration of this cemetery is on YouTube at

A low-resolution video of this cemetery is on YouTube at

Montana Cemetery Montana (Catholic)
Parokia San Dominiko

(GPS: c.Montana)
Montana - Stakamahachiweg
12deg 6' 18.36" N
 68deg 53' 53.36" W


A medium-sized Catholic cementery adjacent to the church.

To get to the cemetery gate, enter the church parking lot and go to the back. The gate was unlocked on my visit, but the lock shows signs that it has been used regularly.

Common among the crypts are some with half-cylinder tops. The molds for these were found in back of some crypts.At the center of the cemetery is the crypt of Monsignor Julio F. Henriquez (1908 - 1998), topped by a tall white cross.

The gate is topped by the words "Sosega Napaz" ("Rest in Peace" in Papiamento).

(GPS: c.Muslim)
Bonamweg at Brievengat
Near Festival Center
12deg 9' 7.62" N
68deg 53' 5.04" W

(Shares two walls with Parke el Consolidor)
This cemetery is one in the cluster of four on Bonamweg in Brievengat.

This cemetery appeared to be newly-built in 2015 when I visited. There were just a few newly-established in-ground graves.

There was no identification of a name for this area, but it was separated from Parke El Consolidor by wall(s). I later learned that it is a Muslim cemetery.

New St. Anna
Roman Catholic
("Nieuwe St. Anna")

(GPS: c.NewStaAnna)
Willemstad ( Domi)
12deg 6' 55.93"
68deg 56' 29.94"



This cemetery was destroyed/removed sometime in the 1980s.

The site identified and pictured is now a BMW/Hyundai car dealership.
Niewpoort Cemetery Begraafplaats Nieuwpoort

(GPS: c.Nieuwpoort)
Nieuwpoort / Fuik /Mijnmaatschappij
12deg  3' 14.87" N
68deg 49' 35.66" W

Restricted Access - Gate Pass Required
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

This site is in a secured area because it is a large mining area and Aqualectra facility, and one must pass a security gate to access. . Secured .

There are just 4 graves in total and only three are legible.

John Dohman has reported detail about this burial site:
Old St. Anna Cemetery Old St. Anna
Roman Catholic
("Oude St. Anna")

(GPS: c.OldStaAnna)
Otrabanda / Willemstad (Roodeweg)
12deg 6' 45.97" N
68deg 56' 31.08" W


NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Probably the oldest Catholic cemetery on Curacao, and one of the largest.

Located across Roodeweg from the Protestant. Between Roodeweg & Volksbondstraat. There is an office adjacent to a gate on Roodeweg.
De Openbare Begraafplaats
(Public Cemetery)


(GPS: c.Openbare)
Bonamweg at Brievengat
Near Festival Center
12deg 9' 6.72" N
68deg 53' 1.26" W
This cemetery is one in the cluster of four on Bonamweg in Brievengat.

This is a public cemetery for those who do not have funds for burial at private expense.

Most of the graves are in-ground and are not marked with names or dates, only a plot number. Those which have markers are low-cost and generally home-made.

Most of the in-ground plots appear to be from the late 1960s and 1970s, although those in the above-ground mausoleums are date in the 2000's.
Protestant Pietermaai Cemetery Oranjestraat Protestant

(GPS: c.ProtOranje)
Willemstad  (Pietermaai)
Berg Altena & Oranjestraat
12deg 6' 10.30" N
68deg 55' 21.04" W


Located at Berg Altena & Oranjestraat, just downhill from the often-photographed row of colorful houses on Berg Altena.

A medium-sized cemetery, there is an unlocked gate on Berg Altena that appears to never be locked, and one gate that appears to be normally locked on the Oranjestraat side. Nearest parking, unfortunately, is on the side of the cemetery away from the unlocked gate, in an alley on the other side of
the adjacent building!

Earliest burial noted was from the 1830s.

Carel de Haseth photographed and published a web page with all of the identiying markers in this cemetnery, and it is online at
Werbata Candidate 9 Patrick

(GPS: c.Patrick)
12deg 17' 11.0724" N
69deg 3' 52.2576" W

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

These are indicated by two red crosses on 1906 Werbata map "05a_V.jpg".

Actual GPS coordinates provided by John Dohman of 'Stichting Uniek Curacao'.

These are three cylindrical graves in serious disrepair.

(Was 'Werb09')
Perret Gentil Family Cemetery Perret-Gentil Family

(GPS: c.PerretGentil)
Willemstad  (Pietermaai)
12deg 6' 18.40" N
68deg 55' 14.11" W

NOTE: I have not yet photographed this burial site from inside the wall.

This small family cemetery is located on Kaya Gutierrez I Gerardina, just NW of the Jewish Cemetery on Berg Altena.

Visited and photographed from outside, through chain-link fence and over wall, as the gate was locked.
  Protestant Roodeweg

(GPS: c.ProtRood)
Otrabanda / Willemstad
12deg 6' 42.67" N
68deg 56' 36.00" W

This cemetery is located on Roodeweg, adjacent to the Masonic cemetery.

The cemetery appears to be locked, but it is a ruse according to the Protestant Church staff: the lock on the main gate is not locked, and the chain can be removed. Place it back in that state during and after a visit.

During my visit July 11, 2016, the rear gate was wide open, with no pretense of locking. Formerly, the key could be asked for at the office tot he left (East) of the cemetery, but that office is now closed and for rent.

My visit 160711 was abbreviated, and a return trip is planned for more thorough photography.
  San Hieronimo
William Foote Grave

(GPS: c.SanHier)
In St. Christoffel Park
Plantation of San Hieronimo
12deg 19' 1.50" N
69deg  6' 2.52" W

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Info from NAAM.

Single grave "...just across the fence of Christoffel Park, at the plantation of San Hieronimo, near the old copper mine, is the grave of an Englishman, a small rectangular monument built of natural stones and bricks. On the East side of this grave is written 'Sacred to the memory of William Foot of Horrabridge, Devon England Born May 26th 1846'. On the North side: 'H.W. Toop' On the South side: 'Erected by J.G. 1880'. On the West sied: 'Died on this estate July 25, 1879, Aged 33 years. his end was peace.' ".

(From: '')

Note from 'Landhouses of Curacao', the site of the landhuis is accessible only with the permission of the landowner. PRIVATE PROPERTY
San Juan Grave San Juan Grave
Matthias Schotborgh Single Grave
Died 1913

(GPS: c.SanJuan)
Near Lanhuis San Juan
12deg 15' 17.42" N
69deg   5' 51.34" W
Very Approximate Coordinates

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Info from NAAM. Single grave burial on private land. "Along the way to the plantation house of San Juan, you can see among the plants a low-built rectangle: a grave. There are no inscriptions on the grave. Here lies Mattias Schotborgh (1832-1913), one of the former owners of San Juan."

(From '')
Sehorial Memorial Park Senorial Memorial Park

On Veerisweg
12deg  7' 56.04" N
68deg 57' 27.50" W
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Located South of Sambil Mall on Veerisweg. Google Earth shows it was created around 2000 or 2001.

It is reportedly privately owned by one of the Mortuaries on the island.
Santa MAria Cemetery
Santana Santa Maria
Church of Maria Auxiliadora

(GPS: c.StaMaria)
Salsbach / Winston Churchillweg
12deg 9' 21.46" N
 68deg 56' 32.93" W

Telephone: +599 9-868-2227

Located on Winston Churchillweg, next to the church and McDonalds. Separated from the church by a parking lot, roadway, and large empty space.

The gate on the church side has an unlocked 'man door' to allow visitor access. When I was there, there were several individuals and family groups coming and going.

This is a large cemetery, mostly modern with most dating back no further than the 1950s. I did find one grave, overgrown by a tree and breaking up, that appears to be dated 1933. (Photos taken). "Gerarda Warda Placides NACE 4 October 1876 MURI 7 October 1933 R.I.P."

Rows are identified by letters of the alphabet, with the later letters on rows of tall crypt assemblies. Each crypt has an assigned number. The lowest numbers (oldest crypts) seem to be on the Eastern wall of the cemetery. 

Not a great deal of statuary or art associated with the crypts, but some, and many many crosses atop crypts. Some of the layout is haphazard, with small passages between crypts, especially in the older (lower numbered crypts) areas.

One small row along the wall with Gate #1 was exclusively children, in modern burials (1990+). That row was hidden a bit behind row V.
Santa Rosa Cemetery Santa Rosa (Catholic)

(GPS: c.StaRosa)
Santa Rosa
12deg 6' 34.67" N
 68deg 53' 43.93" W


At Santa Rosaweg and Weg Naar Sta Catherina.

A medium to large cemetery, still with active burials.

Gate is in parking lot adjacent to the church (Parokia Santa Rosa di Lima), and the lock and hasp do not appear to indicate that the gate is ever locked.

Soto Curacao Cemetery Soto Cemetery

(GPS: c.Soto)
12deg 16' 32.51" N
 69deg 6' 35.60"W

Contact: +599 9-864-1801

Located in the small village of Soto, in the Western  end of the island ("Banda Abou").

The gate on the road side is normally locked, but the gate on the church side is secured with rope/wire, but is normally unlocked.

Uytrecht Grave Uytrecht Grave
Adolf van Uytrecht died 1902

(GPS: c.Uytrecht)
Near Daniel
12deg 12' 31.21" N
69deg 1' 11.39" W
(Very Approximate Coordinates)
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Located approximately 300m North of the intersection of Weg naar Westpunt and Weg naar San Willibrordus, just South of Landhuis Daniel on the West side of the road.

This grave is marked on old maps as "Grave Adolf van Uytrecht". Googling finds a description and photos of the site that state that nothing but scattered stones remain of the grave(s).
Westpunt Cemetery Westpunt Cemetery

(GPS: c.Westpunt)
12deg 22' 14.40" N
 69deg 9' 5.58" W

This cemetery is located on the West end of the island ("Banda Abou"), in the fishing village of Westpunt. This is the cemetery furthest West on the island.

There is a locked gate on the main road on the East side of the cemetery, and a service access gate on the West side (which does not appear to have been opened recently: very rusty lock!).

In my first visit in 2009, front gate was unlocked. At the time, I was not yet interested in documenting Curacao Cemeteries, and I only took a few photos as I walked through the cemetery.

Drone photos were taken in July 2018. A return trip is planned. 
Willibrordus Curacao Cemetery Sint Willibrordus Catholic Church & Cemetery

(GPS: c.Willibrordus)

San Willibrordus
12deg 13' 0.06" N
 69deg 3' 55.32" W

Telephone: +599 9-864-8330
Located near Jan Kok, this small cemetery is adjacent to the picturesque church in Willibrordus.

The gates are normally locked.

In July 2018 I photographed with a drone.
Zimmerman Grave Zimmerman Grave
Christiaan Zimmerman

(GPS: c.Zimmerman)
Boca Sami /Sint Michiel
12deg  8' 41.64" N
68deg 59' 56.46" W
In private garden, viewable from road
through fence.
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Single grave of Christiaan Zimmerman, located in private garden of a house on Redaweg, viewable from road through the fence.

Photos at
Zjanpa Grave

(GPS: c.Zjanpo)
Boca Sami /Sint Michiel
GPS Coordiates Unknown
Reported in private garden. Ask
local residents where it is!
NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

During the discussion on Facebook of the Zimmerman grave, a user says that there is a second single grave in Sint Michiel/ Boca Sami in a private yard, and claims that anyone in the village can point me there.
These 'Werbata Candidates' are burial sites marked with red crosses on the Werbata topographical maps, which were created between 1900 and 1910. These sites are not currently-known or recognized (by me) burial sites. Others with more historical perspective might be able to attach names and information for these sites.

The GPS coordinates for all of these are very approximate.

When time allows, I'd like to explore these sites.
Werbata Candidate 2 Werbata Candidate #2

(GPS: c.Werb02)
12deg 7' 16.25" N
68deg 57' 16.98" W

From Google Earth and approximate coordinates, this site may be at the base of a cliff behind a housing area.
Werbata Candidate 4 Werbata Candidate #4
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb04)
Christoffel Park
12deg 19' 33.6" N
69deg 6' 56.4" W
(Very Approximate)


NOTE: This single red cross on Werbata map "02c_II.jpg" (upper right) has the notation "Graf" ("Sulpuchre" in Dutch). It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts.

Werbata Candidate 5
Werbata Candidate #5
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb05)
Santa Cruz
12deg 18' 19.98" N
69deg 8' 7.08" W
(Very Approximate)


NOTE: This single red cross on Werbata map "02c_II.jpg" (lower left) has the notation "Graf" ("Sulpuchre" in Dutch). It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts.

Webata Candidate 6
Werbata Candidate #6
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb06)
San Mango?
12deg 17' 26.46" N
69deg 7' 36.36" W
(Very Approximate)

NOTE: This single red cross on Werbata map "04b_IV.jpg" has no notation. It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts.
Werbata Candidate 7 Werbata Candidate #7
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb07)
12deg 16' 28.64" N
69deg 6' 43.00" W
(Very Approximate)

NOTE: This single red cross on Werbata map "04b_IV.jpg" has no notation. It may be a single crypt or a small collection of crypts. It is possible that any grave(s) here were moved to Soto Cemetery when it was established a bit NE from this spot.
Werbata Candidate 9 Werbata Candidate #9
(Single Grave?)

(GPS: c.Werb09)
12deg 16' 27.36" N
69deg 4' 25.44" W
(Very Approximate)

Single grave? From Google Earth, looks like it may be in a planted field?
Werb99 Google Earth Image Werbata Candidate #99

(GPS: c.Werb99)
Near Daniel
Very Approximate Coordinates
12deg 12' 31.0" N
69deg   1' 5.68" W

Seen on 1908 Werbata detail map "08a_VIII.jpg".
Located just WSW of c.Uytrecht, just South of Landhuis Daniel.
Werb99 Werbata Map Segment 
These 'Candidate Cemeteries' are wild-ass guesses at areas seen on Google Earth satellite images that resemble cemeteries. They may be parking lots, junk yards, or almost anything else. (I had once identified the 'Campo Allegre' brothel as a possible cemetery!)

When time allows, I'd like to explore these sites, and will eliminate them when they prove to be other than cemeteries.
Candidate Cemetery #3
(Name Unknown)

(GPS: c.Cand03)
Willemstad (Motet)
12deg 6' 35.98" N
68deg 55' 29.81" W


NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.
Candidate 10 Candidate Cemetery #10
(Name Unknown)

(GPS: c.Cand10)
(Very Approximate Location)
12deg   8' 18.82" N

668deg 50' 24.59" W

NOTE: I have not yet visited/photographed this burial site.

Reference seen to this site, but location not
described in detail. It was reported to be on the road Weg Naar Sta Catherina, but no details. It may be just outside of the housing development.


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