Curacao Cemetery: Graves at Landhuis Rif St. Marie 31/01/20

Two deteriorated graves at ruins of Landhuis Rif St. Marie, one likely with two people interred. One is the grave of Carel Zacharias de Haseth, an owner of the Landhuis. The graves are hidden in the wabi on the West side of the roadway, about 200 feet from the landhuis. A small pile of rocks beside the road marks the slightly-worn path back to grave site, about 25 feet off of the road. As I don't disturb graves or surrounding terrain as found, they are difficult to see in the photographs. A return visit is planned in July 2020 to better identify the two graves. Ground photography January 31, 2020. Copyright (c) 2020 J.A. Maass.
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