Curacao Cemeteries - Cemetery Links

Jeff Maass
14 June 2019

Here are some interesting links related to Curacao Cemeteries, in no particular order. Many of these are in Dutch, and can be translated by the tools in many browsers if needed.

I'll add more as I discover (or re-discover) them!


1918 Curacao Funeral & Cemetery Regulations (Dutch)

"Cities of the Dead: Architectural Motifs and Burial Practices in Curacao's Religious and Ethnic Communities",  Kent Coupe & Laura Leibman, Markers Volum XXVII, December 3, 2012, pp. 56 -87.  An overview article by academics.

Description of a few Curacao cemeteries on an international graves web site - June 2016


Beth Haim - Blenheim: Official Website

Beth Haim - Blenheim: Article about oldest Jewish cemtetery in the Western Hemisphere

Beth Haim - Blenheim: Photos and history

Beth Haim - Blenheim: More information and history

Beth Haim - Blenheim: More information on oldest Jewish cemetery in the Western Hemisphere

Beth Haim - Blenheim: Short Article


Bus of Tourists at Jewish Cemetery on Berg Altena


Grave Markers in Protestant Cemetery on Oranjstraat, by Carel de Haseth.

Article on Vandalism at the Protestant Cemetery on Oranjstraat,  Curacao Chronicle, June 5, 2018.


Militaire Begraafplaats:  Photos of the Restoration Work, 2014.

Video of the Militaire Begraafplaats on Roodeweg, 27 February 2010.

Militaire Begraafplaats: Some background information


Article about Louis Alfred Gerardus Doedel, who is memorialized by a statue in the Santana Kolebra Berde. Photos of the cemetery are included. (Dutch, PDF)

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